Market Based Structured Settlement Options | Assura Trust

Balance and diversification for long-term structures

Market Based Structured Settlement Options | Assura Trust
The Assura Trust is a balanced structured settlement option for both plaintiff structured settlements and deferred attorney fees for those concerned about keeping interest rates low over the long term.

Assura Trust’s solution combines the flow (or flows) of fixed structured settlement payments from a traditional structured settlement annuity with Growth Structured Settlement (GSS). The estimated growth plan includes a broadly diversified growth portfolio through the Vanguard growth fund, owned by the Assura Trust funds. In terms of structured growth settlements, funds are disbursed based on a fixed and objective formula. Click on Overview of structured growth calculations below. The purpose of billing planning design is to provide more options for recurring payment flows over long periods of time. Please note that the Assura Trust has a minimum validity period of 20 years.

See the Flowchart below to see how money flows when creating a Structured Growth Settlement.

Assura Trust has been developed with significant support from property and accident insurance companies and does not necessarily require QSF implementation.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to tell you more about this product. Call us at 888-325-8640 to answer any questions or learn more about how these market structures work. Let’s have an educational meeting in person or at Zoom to show you, your firm, or your colleagues the details. ”

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