These are the scholarships and grants for school expenses that you can request

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There are many ways to save on going back to school. One of them is not miss the scholarships and grants for school expenses to which you have access.

These grants they are divided between national scholarships and those offered later by each autonomous community. The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training is in charge of managing these scholarships, which are divided between training scholarships, extracurricular activities and student mobility.

National scholarships They are available for nursery, primary and secondary school studies, high school, vocational training and artistic education.

In all cases, they include aid for students with a specific need for educational support due to:

  • Disability.
  • Serious conduct or communication and language disorder.
  • Autism spectrum disorder.
  • High capacities.

To these are added aid to pay for studies for families with financial problems and whose income does not exceed certain thresholds. You can see in more detail all state aid on the official website of the Ministry of Education.

What scholarships and aid for school expenses can be requested in each autonomous community?

To the national scholarships are added the regional subsidies and aid, which depend on each region.

The dining room scholarships and the book loan programs are the star grants. These are the ones you will find in each region:


The Junta de Andalucía has three scholarship programs schoolchildren:

  • 6000 scholarship, focused on the first and second cycle of high school and the same courses of the intermediate vocational training cycles.
  • Andalusia Second Chance Scholarship, for people between 18 and 24 years old who want to obtain the compulsory and post-compulsory secondary school diploma.
  • Adriano Scholarship, linked to families with fewer economic resources.

These scholarships are joined by certain aids, which range from schooling for children under three years of age to canteen service and school transport. The Junta de Andalucía completes these grants with a free school book program, provided that they are returned in good condition after the school year.

You can see the Andalusian school aid in this link.


The Government of Aragon focuses its scholarships and school aid in food aid and school supplies. The amount of aid for material is up to € 160 in Primary and Special Education and up to € 230 in Secondary and Basic Education.

The Department of Education, Culture and Sport of Aragon gathers the complete information in this link.


The Asturian executive also has book aid programs and teaching materials. It does this through two different programs:

  • Book loan and reuse program.
  • Aid for books and didactic material in subsidized centers.

To these school aid is added the Reina Letizia program for inclusion, aimed at students with disabilities; and the English language immersion program. For undergraduate and graduate students, the Sara López Falcón Scholarship It helps them to continue with their studies through a sponsorship program.

The Asturias Ministry of Education gathers these grants on its website.

Balearic Islands

The Consell de Govern de Islas Baleares has renewed its dining scholarship program for the 2021-2022 academic year, expanding its endowment to 7 million euros. For the rest of the aid, such as the scholarship programs for non-university post-compulsory studies, the Balearic Executive relies on current national scholarships.

To these grants are added the Éxito scholarships, so that unemployed people can attend Secondary Education for Adults, as well as aid for extracurricular sports activities during the school year in Mallorca.

The Palmajove portal gathers the latest scholarships available in the community.

Canary Islands

The Government of the Canary Islands has its own scholarships and aid for studies, to which must be added those of the different councils. Between the general scholarships on the islands are the following:

  • Scholarships for FP Dual projects.
  • Transportation aid for higher education.
  • Subsidies in the first cycle of early childhood education.
  • Aid for the acquisition of books through a loan program.
  • Aid program for school meals and breakfasts.

The Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports brings them all together, along with the aid of each council at this link. On the Canarian Youth page you can find scholarships and additional aid.


The Government of Cantabria also has a subsidized dining room service in public centers.

The rest of the grants are those of the Ministry of Education. In any case, the Cantabrian Ministry of Education and Vocational Training gathers together all the scholarships and grants that it calls (open and already closed) at this link.

Castilla la Mancha

In Castilla La Mancha you can access three scholarship programs and school aid.

  • Helps for school canteens and textbooks with the loan program.
  • Grants for acquisition of curricular materials in Private Concerted Special Education Centers.
  • Individual aid from School transportation.

The Community Education Portal gathers all the current grants with the calls and the dates to request them.

Castile and Leon

The Castilla y León Education Portal brings together the aid offered in the community for schools and students. Scholarships and grants include:

  • Aid for the acquisition of digital devices.
  • Transportation aid in the second cycle of early childhood education, primary, ESO, basic FP and special education.
  • Releo Plus program of loan books.


In Catalonia you can access various types of scholarships that cover the entire community, as well as specific scholarships offered by some regions.

For example, the Barcelona City Council has its own study and dining scholarships that you can consult here, and the Catalan Government has four types of scholarships:

  • Aid for students with a specific need for educational support.
  • Scholarships for non-university post-compulsory education.
  • Collaboration scholarships in the Higher Council for the Evaluation of the Educational System.
  • Collaboration scholarships in the Catalan Council for Vocational Training.
  • Help to the dining room.

The Department of Education of the Generalitat gathers all of them on this website.


Extremadurans have scholarships and grants available to:

  • Textbooks and School Supplies
  • Transport
  • Dining room
  • Aid to students with specific educational needs for educational support
  • Aid for post-compulsory education students for those who study in a location other than their residence.

You can find more information about these grants on the website of the Ministry of Education and Employment of the Junta de Extremadura.


Galicia has several school aids focused specifically on school supplies. Thus, it combines aid for the acquisition of books with its program of Solidarity fund for textbooks.

Purchase aids are aimed at first and second grade primary school students and special education students. In addition, it adds aid in the form of prizes in the cycles of Baccalaureate, vocational training and ESO. Additionally, some municipalities, such as that of A Coruña, have their own dining room scholarships.

This link of the Ministry of Culture, Education and University of the Xunta de Galicia summarizes these grants and scholarships.

The Rioja

In La Rioja you can enjoy scholarships for:

  • School canteen.
  • School transportation.
  • Acquisition of textbooks.
  • To be able to continue studying the first cycle of Early Childhood Education by students with specific educational support needs. O
  • Child voucher for nursery.

For its part, Logroño has its own programs, which include aid for books and teaching materials, among other things.

The page of the Government of La Rioja gathers all the information.

Madrid’s community

The Madrid City Council has several different aid programs, with a specific one for the acquisition of hygienic masks.

The community adds the following scholarships and grants that it centralizes on this page:

  • School transportation.
  • Textbook loan.
  • Aid for dining room in non-teaching periods.
  • Reduced prices for school canteens.
  • Early Childhood Education Scholarships or Nursery Check.
  • Scholarships for the study of Second Chance Programs.
  • High school and vocational training scholarships.


In the Region of Murcia you can access study aid at all compulsory levels of school education. The Ministry of Education and Culture brings together all those available at this link.

To these are added specific aids for school transport and canteen, that can be processed online through the Electronic Office of the CARM.

Valencian Community

The educational aids of the Valencia Community can be consulted at this link and include:

  • School lunch aids.
  • Transportation scholarships.
  • Child voucher or nursery check

For its part, the Valencia City Council has its own program of school lunch aids up to 5 years and a school check up to 6 years.


Navarra offers scholarships and grants for:

  • Acquisition of textbooks through a loan program.
  • General scholarships for high school, vocational training, artistic education (professional and higher) and sports education, religious studies and official language schools.
  • Help for school canteens, that many municipalities also complete on their own

In this link of the Government of Navarra you can access all the information.

Basque Country

The Basque Government includes among its scholarships and grants, which you can consult at this link:

  • Scholarships and study aids for student schooling non-university levels
  • Individualized assignments of School transportation.
  • Places for him language learning abroad for high school and 3rd and 4th ESO students.
  • You help students with Special educational needs.
  • Support program didactic materials and curriculum development resources.
  • Extraordinary awards high school.
  • Practical activities in university centers Aimed at 1st year high school students, vocational training courses of higher degree, artistic education and sports education.

Aid for the dining room and other scholarships specific to each provincial community are also included.

Finally, beyond scholarships and direct aid, remember that there are tax deductions in income for school expenses. Are normally include the purchase of books and school supplies, so do not forget to review them when making the income statement, since they also change depending on your autonomous community.

In the same way, do not lose sight of the fact that some scholarships and grants are taxed in the income statement.

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