Summer time or winter time which is better? The advantages of one or the other option

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Every year the same controversy occurs when the time change arrives. The energy savings achieved with this measure are recalled, while the dire consequences it has on health is described. It is not a problem that affects only Spaniards, since the time change takes place in more than 70 countries in the world. In the European Union we make two changes a year for 45 years, although its continuity is now questioned.

Last year, the European Commission proposed not to keep changing the time twice a year from 2019, but now the decision has been delayed until 2021. Before that year, each country has to decide what schedule it adopts for the whole year. In Spain, the commission of experts created to decide which hours should be followed throughout the year has not reached a conclusion, so for now, we will continue to change the time in March and October until at least 2021.

But what is better? Summer time or winter time? We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

How does summer time benefit us?

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There are as many studies that question the benefits of the time change as those that defend the readjustment of the clocks twice a year. But things get complicated if you decide not to change the time, because then you have to choose the time to adopt. The committee of experts seems to favor winter time, although the Government has decided to extend the study time before making a decision.

In March we put the clock forward one hour, starting the summer schedule, characterized by having more hours of sunshine in the afternoon, which is one of the main advantages highlighted by the defenders of this schedule, but summer time brings other benefits:

  • Later in the evening we have more hours of light after work to dedicate to leisure, which has the positive consequence that people are encouraged to go out more. This is because eThe brain’s biological clock is activated by sunlight It also helps to adapt the body to the hours of feeding and physical activity.
  • Another consequence of having longer afternoons is that less television is consumed during summer time and robberies decrease since they occur more at night.
  • The impact on health is also positive because different studies support that there are fewer heart attacks and there are fewer traffic accidents.
  • From an energy saving point of view, with summer time daily routines are more closely matched to the length of the day which contributes to energy savings, especially, in countries that are in latitudes far from the equator and the poles.

What are the advantages of winter time?

Keeping winter time all year round means that we could get up with more light, which could serve to advance schedules and sleep. The chronobiology laboratory of the University of Murcia defends the option of winter time because we would only have a delay of one hour with respect to the time that corresponds to us by our meridian.

  • With winter time, the sun rises an hour earlier. The problem is that in cities further east it would dawn much earlier than in cities to the west. For example, in Barcelona the day would start at 5.18, which means adapting the activities at that time, while in Coruña it would start at 6. At night, in the summer months, the sun would set at 8 in Catalonia. and an hour later in Galicia.
  • From a health point of view, changing the time twice a year causes some disorders, mainly in children and the elderly, but with winter time it is easier to adjust people’s internal clock.
  • When it comes to sleep, the Spanish Sleep Society is clear: winter time is better because promotes a more stable biological rhythm, improves intellectual performance and reduces the appearance of insomnia and depression, among other diseases.
  • With winter time we are closer to the solar time that corresponds to us, because there is only one hour of difference with respect to our meridian.

In what does seem to be an agreement among the experts who analyze the best schedule that we should adopt is that Spain should not change time zone. Although by geographical location we have the United Kingdom, we will continue with the Central Europe.

At the moment, this fall we continue with the change. On October 27 we turned the clock back one hour to make way for winter time, and this will continue until at least 2021. What will happen next? The experts will decide.

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