Have you started paying by card or online now? These are the most frequently asked questions

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If you have started paying now with the card or you have made the wise decision to make the purchase online so as not to leave home during the state of alarm, we will tell you how you can do it safely and we will answer all your questions.

Is it safe to pay by card?

Yes it is safe. With contactless cards you just have to bring the card closer to the terminal without having to insert it or release it from the hand, something fundamental at this time to avoid contagion.

In addition, as an exceptional measure while the state of alarm lasts, the main Spanish banks have agreed temporarily extend the contactless payment limit from 20 to 50 euros without having to enter the PIN.

If it exceeds that amount, you have to enter the PIN in the payment terminal, for which we recommend wearing gloves so as not to touch the surface directly.

This measure will be introduced progressively from March 30, and does not affect the € 150 limit of accumulated spending or five operations in a row after which the terminal will ask for the PIN for any amount.

What cards can I use to pay in stores and online?

You can use any of your bank cards, with the difference that with credit you can finance purchases, while with debit the purchase charge is made immediately. In that case you have to make sure that there is money in the account so that there is no overdraft.

Can I pay in all stores with the card?

Although the card is the most widely used means of payment and is widely used in most businesses, they are not obliged to accept it. It is even possible that the store requires a minimum amount so that you can pay by card. In that situation, you must clearly and visibly advertise what that amount is.

How can I pay with the card online?

When paying for online purchases with the card, you must have it handy. You have to enter the 16 digits of the number, the data of the holder, the expiration date and the CVV code, which is unique for each card and is found on the back.

In addition, since the approval of PSD2, online payment security has been strengthened establishing a customer verification system. Normally the bank sends a code to the mobile phone that must be entered on the web to make the payment effective.

Paying online is safer than ever, but despite this, certain precautions must be taken, especially now that, in this situation of confinement due to the coronavirus, fraudulent pages, emails and online stores have increased. So to make the purchase online safely, the first precaution you should take is to check that the pages where you are going to buy are safe and reliable. Check the information on the web well and, above all, never give the card details through email. A website is secure if it has the https protocol (a padlock is displayed at the top of the browser, next to the URL), which means that the information you enter from the card is protected.

What do I have to do to pay with my mobile?

Mobile payment is also very simple. It is only necessary that you mobile has NFC technology. However, before paying for the first time you have to configure the mobile to associate it with the bank card. If it is an iPhone you can configure it directly from the ING application, or you can enter Apple Wallet, press + and scan the card or enter the data. With an Android you have to download the Google Play app, activate payments and add the card.

At the time of paying you must have activated the NFC, bring the mobile closer to the POS and unlock the screen. If you use Apple Pay, you can verify the operation with your fingerprint or facial recognition; With Google Pay you have to enter the PIN if the purchase amount is greater than € 20. You can pay with your mobile on all the sites that support contactless payment, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

As you see, paying with the card or online is easyYou just have to check that the websites are secure, never give the PIN online, or download any application that does not come from the official store.

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