Face the coronavirus also online

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In recent days, the pages, emails and fraudulent online stores have multiplied with the same theme: COVID-19 or coronavirus. Therefore, we give you some tips to also make yourself safe from contagion on the Internet:

  • If you have to make purchases online, always check that you are on a secure payment gateway, check your purchase before entering your data and never give the pin of your card.
  • Do not download content or documents about COVID-19 from unknown websites or that you receive by email, since they could be installing malware on your computer or mobile.
  • Do not enter or provide your personal, bank information, or your complete security codes in suspicious links, pages or emails and not by phone.
  • Don’t install unofficial apps to know the international scope of COVID-19.

What’s more, We recommend that you check that your card is linked only on your devices and that you activate the notifications of the ING app so that you get one every time you make a purchase.

And above all, if you want to find out about the coronavirus, do so in official sources and do not share messages that generate alarm or news from non-verified sources.

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