Blue Monday: sales for the saddest day of the year

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On the third Monday of January, just three weeks after starting the year full of good resolutions, the Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year. This day has not been chosen at random, but is the result of a formula that determines that that day is when our spirits are lowest.

Whether or not Blue Monday is the saddest day of the year, businesses have looked for a way to take advantage of this day with Promotions and discounts that encourage consumers to combat sadness by indulging themselves.

What is Blue Monday?

The link between Blue Monday and consumption arises from its creation. Its origin dates back to 2005, when the communication agency Porter Novelli designed an advertising campaign for the travel agency Sky Travel with the aim of increasing travel sales. His idea was to create a formula to know what is the best day of the year to book vacations.

However, Cardiff University professor Cliff Arnal, in charge of creating the formula, instead of looking for the best day to book the holidays, laid the foundations to find the saddest day of the year, Blue Monday.

As a curiosity, some time later this researcher created the formula to find the happiest day of the year, for a campaign for the Wall ice cream brand. As you can imagine, it is a summer day, specifically, the third Friday in June.

However, it is not entirely confirmed that Arnal was the “discoverer” of Blue Monday. It seems that it was the advertising agency that prepared the study and then contacted different psychologists to endorse its conclusions. Professor Cliff Arnall was the one who agreed to sign the study, and that is why he is credited with the formula that gave rise to Blue Monday.

Why is Blue Monday the saddest day of the year?

One way or another, what is certain is that there is a formula to prove the existence of Blue Monday. It takes into account the weather, the January slope, excess spending during Christmas and sales, and even the frustration of abandoning the New Year’s resolutions. With all this fabric of data, the following formula was created:

It is not a formula that has validity or scientific rigor, because it mixes variables and data that are incompatible and cannot be compared, according to experts. However, psychologists recognize that at this time it is common to suffer mood changes after the euphoria of Christmas, to which is added the stress and emotional fatigue of these holidays, although it is not possible to scientifically designate a day as the most sad of the year.

How to overcome the saddest day of the year

However, businesses have found on Blue Monday a way to increase your sales in full January slope, launching offers to encourage consumption and improve mood.

As pampering ourselves is one of the common things we do when we are depressed, clothing, electronics, leisure and travel stores are the ones that offer the most promotions, discounts and sales during this day, although they often extend them to the whole week.

Blue Monday is an event linked to shopping that has also become popular on the internet, as is the case with Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. Despite the fact that it is still not so present on the consumers’ agenda, it is becoming more popular every year.

And if shopping doesn’t help you overcome the sadness of Blue Monday, there are other ways to face the day with the best smile without having to spend money. A good idea is to exercise to release endorphins and get our brain into a state of euphoria. So if you are sad, you can go to the mall and be seduced by the Blue Monday offers or put on your shoes and start running.

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