April 15, World Art Day. And you, how do you promote your most creative side?

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As every year, April 15 is celebrated World Art Day. It is a celebration created in order to promote awareness of creative activity throughout the world. Museums and art galleries are decked out to host thousands of visitors, and millions of artists display their creative works anywhere, even outdoors.

It is a day to drop everything and encourage our artistic creativity, whether it is taking the canvas, a camera or simply playing the guitar. A day to share and imagine that a world overturned in art is possible.

Leonardo da Vinci, the origin of everything

If there is a historical moment that defines what art and artistic creation means, this could not be other than the Renaissance, a movement that in the fifteenth century changed the conception of humanism forever, and whose greatest exponent was the great Leonardo da Vinci. Born on April 15, 1452, he was obsessed with mastering all the arts in the world, helping to foster unprecedented technological and artistic progress.

An essential that in the XXI century continues to be the reference in arts as heterogeneous as painting, aviation, music or humanism, among many others. In a way, all of them owe a small part of their development and understanding as an artistic discipline to this genius. And that, 500 years after his death (he died in 1519), his legacy continues to drive countless conspiracy theories mainly due to his best known work, the Mona Lisa, and his enigmatic smile.

But Leonardo Da Vinci was not chosen solely for his artistic abilities, but also for being a world symbol of peace, freedom of expression, tolerance, fraternity and multiculturalism. Therefore, World Art Day could not be celebrated at any time other than the day of his birth.

A day for artists and creatives

The celebration was promoted by the International Association of Plastic Arts. The first World Art Day was celebrated in 2012 and since then there are more and more places that are added to carry out special activities on this day. World Art Day is a celebration for all lovers of art and artistic expressions throughout the world.

The idea is to emphasize the importance of art in the daily life of all human beings, regardless of their age and nationality. World Art Day it is an ideal time to celebrate and encourage creativity. Whether it’s drawing, composing a song, writing a poem, or simply throwing a commemoration party, any expression is good to celebrate.

In fact, they are numerous the cases of famous people who have shown their most versatile side quite successfully. Silvester Stallone, for example, has exhibited his abstract expressionist-inspired canvases at the prestigious Museum of Saint Petersburg; Jordi Mollá, an actor in such well-known Spanish films as “Jamón, Jamón” or “La Buena Estrella” has painted several paintings that have even been exhibited at ARCO, and Camilio Sesto even exhibited one of his paintings in a group show at the Nuevos Ministerios station in Madrid along with a couple of paintings by Paco Clavel.

What to do on World Art Day

During World Art Day, a multitude of events are held such as plays, music, dance, visual arts, workshops and book presentations. It is intended that all the arts reach the community for free: on the streets, in parks, museums, gardens, theaters and cultural institutions. Each artist, museum, university or gallery is free to organize the activities they deem appropriate to celebrate this day.

That day, museums are usually free and there are specific celebrations and exhibitions to commemorate World Art Day. During this week, the queues to enter the main museums in Spain, such as the Prado or the Reina Sofía, are usually much longer than usual, which makes it clear that creativity and art are on the rise.


Cinema is still an art in itself (in fact, it is known as the seventh art), so any plan that includes a movie is good to celebrate World Art Day. Throughout history, many biographical films have been made based on some of the most famous artists in history.


April 15, World Art Day. And you, how do you promote your most creative side?Renoir is a 2012 film based on the life of the French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. He narrates how the death of his wife affected him and that his son was wounded in a battle. Meanwhile, he discovers a young woman named Andrée and she becomes his latest model.

Jason pollock

April 15, World Art Day. And you, how do you promote your most creative side?

Pollock is a 2000 American film. It tells the life of Jackson Pollock, American painter with a complex personality and addicted to alcohol, since he sought success among the artistic world in the 1940s, until his death in 1956.


April 15, World Art Day. And you, how do you promote your most creative side?

Michelangelo is a documentary directed by David Bickerstaff and that was broadcast for the first time in 2017. It is a cinematic journey through some of the most recognized paintings in Europe made by the Italian genius.

Frida Kahlo

April 15, World Art Day. And you, how do you promote your most creative side?

Frida is a feature film directed by Julie Taymor. Based on the book by Hayden Herrera, it is about the life of the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, a strong, radical and revolutionary woman who fought to be loyal to herself.

Goya’s Ghosts

April 15, World Art Day. And you, how do you promote your most creative side?

Goya’s ghosts is a 2006 film directed by Miloš Forman, and its action focuses on the life of Goya during the reign of Carlos IV, how he became the court painter. A tragic story of inquisitorial persecutions, love and prison, which will last until the invasion of the Napoleonic troops

The Mona Lisa smile

April 15, World Art Day. And you, how do you promote your most creative side?

We could not forget a classic tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci as The Smile of the Mona Lisa. Starring the ever-brilliant Julia Roberts, it’s about an Art History teacher who seeks to teach students to aspire to something more in life than getting married and starting a family.


If you are more about books than movies, you can also enjoy your own home plan. Almost all artists have bibliographic books about their life, and the history of art and culture has its own space in them. In Más De Arte you have a small selection of books on this subject.

And don’t forget about the comic, that format that is often associated with low culture and yet is considered a medium of artistic influence that even has its rightful place in one of the largest art galleries in the world.

In short, any plan is good to commemorate this World Art Day. And you, how are you going to celebrate it?

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World Art Day

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