What to do if you lose your wallet during the holidays

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Losing your wallet during the holidays It is something that no one would want to happen to him. And it is that, in addition to the scare, it disrupts all the plans, because you have to make room for certain procedures.

The positive part is that, thanks to technology, many of these tasks can now be carried out quickly and easily. In addition, there are certain insurances that help mitigate the possible economic loss.

I have lost my wallet and my card, what do I do?

In the case of losing a credit or debit card, the important thing is to differentiate if you consider it permanently lost or if you think you can find or recover it. In either case, the simplest thing will be go to app or the website of your bank and carry out the management as follows:

Lose card If you think that you will not get it back

In this case, it is best that cancel and request a new one. If you are an ING client, you can do it both on the web and the app, well from Personal Area> Block Financial Cards, fine since My Products> Choose the card> Configure> Theft or Loss. In both cases, with the request of the new one the old one is canceled.

Find wallet If you aspire to get it back

In that case, you do not need to order a new one, but it is convenient that turn off your card. If you find it later, you will turn it on. In the case of ING, for this you have to go to My Products> Choose the card> Configure> Turn off or On. In any case, if you don’t get it back, you can always cancel it later and request a new one.

Remember that the cards have insurance in case of theft, loss or fraud that covers the amounts stolen without the authorization of the holder, as long as the loss is notified in a timely manner. Also, in the case of credit cards, most include a accident insurance and assistance if you have paid for the trip with her. You can check the coverage by entering the card documentation in the app.

What to do if I have lost the documentation

Lose foreign passport

What happens if I lose my ID or passport abroad

To be able to travel abroad, you need an identity document. If it is within the European Union, the DNI is enough. If it is outside, you will need the passport.

In case of having lost the documentation with the theft of the wallet, you have to contact the consulate of your country. Here you have information about Spanish embassies and consulates around the world.

The procedure itself will depend on your particular situation, but usually requires a report at the police station of the loss of the document and a visit to the consulate. There, once the circumstances are clarified, they will give you the document you need to be able to travel.

Lose driving license

What to do if you lose your driving license

If you are abroad, you must go to the corresponding consulate to have it processed with the Central Traffic Headquarters. This is especially useful on long-term trips, as it allows documentation to be sent to you without having to return to Spain, although it takes a while.

If you are in Spain, you can make an appointment at the nearest Provincial Traffic Headquarters. However, remember that, through the mobile application miDGT, you can have your driving license and your vehicle’s driving license available with the same legal validity as the physical documents.

Lose health card

Losing the European health card

In case of losing the European sanitary card, you can order a provisional certificate. As this procedure can be done through the internet, it is not necessary to go to an office. All you have to do is download and print the certificate to be able to use it.

Tips so that losing your wallet does not affect your vacation

Lose foreign card Don’t carry all your cards together in the same wallet

You can leave some at the hotel or take it with you but in another purse or a protected compartment of your backpack.

Foreign DNI Leave some identification document at the hotel or outside of your wallet

In case of losing your passport, it will help you in the processes with the consulate.

Backup documents Have your documents digitized

If you have them stored in the cloud, it can be useful for the procedures if you need information that you do not remember (such as the date of issue or validity).

Losing your wallet on vacation It is always a bit more cumbersome than if it happens close to home, but knowing how to act and the necessary procedures, you can make it affect your trip as little as possible.

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