The scholarships for your university studies that you should know

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The scholarships they facilitate the completion of undergraduate and postgraduate studies, but also stays abroad or internships. Although there are endless calls for foundations, companies and other private entities, which should always be borne in mind, public scholarships have a special dissemination and relevance.

These are the essential scholarships.

University scholarships

What scholarships can I apply for for college?

In the undergraduate and graduate studies, the main scholarships are as follows.

MEC scholarships to study at university

These are the main aids for undergraduate college students. Its amount and even its concession depends on the fulfillment of certain academic and financial requirements. The latter are related to the family’s income level, but also to the accumulated wealth. In other words, what is earned throughout the year counts, but also the savings and assets that are owned.

Its amount has a fixed component and a variable component. In the fixed one, it includes aids for enrollment, family income, change of residence or academic excellence. In the variable, the surplus scholarship budget is distributed based on grades and the family’s financial situation.

FPU grants

They constitute a scholarship program for the training of university teachers. With them, you will be able to study a doctoral program that should lead you to the preparation and defense of a doctoral thesis. In addition, you must make it compatible with training in teaching skills and collaboration in teaching tasks with a minimum of 90 and a maximum of 180 hours.

SICUE scholarships

The Exchange System between Spanish University Centers (SICUE) allows you to carry out a part of your university studies in a different center within Spain. Although there is no specific national program, it can be supported by grants from the autonomous communities or from public or private institutions.

Collaboration scholarships

These scholarships, endowed with 2,000 euros, are intended, on the one hand, to carry out activities of research in university departments undergraduate students in their last year. They must have a good academic record and cannot be requested by those who already have a university degree.

On the other hand, they can also be accessed by those who, after finishing their undergraduate studies with a good academic record, are going to study the first master’s course without being in possession of another master’s or doctor’s degree.

Scholarships to study abroad

What scholarships can be requested to study abroad

Here we find two types of situations. The first is that of the resident in Spain who wants to study university studies abroad. The second is that of all those whose destination abroad is Spain, since they normally live in other countries. Among the most important scholarships, we find the following.

Erasmus + scholarships to study abroad

They are scholarships that allow study part of a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate in another country. The list includes not only EU member states, but also the United Kingdom, the Republic of North Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, and Turkey.

The amount It may vary depending on the differences in the cost of living between the countries of origin and destination, the number of students applying, the distance between the countries and the availability of other grants.

Fulbright scholarships for your university studies in the United States

Are a set of scholarships, since there are different calls. For example, many are geared towards career officials completing their university training in the United States. Among other expenses, they can cover tuition, travel, the costs of settling in your new destination, medical and accident insurance, and a generic monthly allowance to cover your vital needs.

Practical scholarships

What scholarships are there for university internships?

In addition to the studies themselves, there are scholarships that cover the periods of labor practices. Among the most important are those that facilitate internships in companies.

Argo scholarships for university internships

These scholarships are intended for university graduates under 35 years of age and who have obtained their degree in the last three years. They are used to carry out training practices in companies in Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia and Oceania.

Erasmus + scholarships for your internships in the European Union

Within the Erasmus + program, there is the possibility of carrying out internships that respond to the student’s learning and personal development needs related to their degree and that should be integrated, whenever possible, into their study program. Its duration is between two and twelve months and they can be accessed by students and recent graduates.

The scholarships are a fulcrum with which to improve our training and that we can project in our future work and life.

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