How to overcome the September slope

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One of the most difficult times of the year from the economic and financial point of view for families is, without a doubt, the September slope. After the summer season- -and without room for maneuver-, it’s time to go back to school with all that that entails: school supplies, books, costumes …

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The expense is not trivial, since, according to the OCU, each family spend on average about 500 euros per child or adolescent during the month of September, to which are added other equally important expenses, such as extracurricular activities or the return to sports routine, among others.

Luckily, the September slope is just one more obstacle on the road that can be overcome if you know how to do it.

September cost: extraordinary expenses

Although going back to school is the main expense of families in September, it is by no means the only one. The return to routine after the summer period also marks the beginning of routine activities, with all that this entails.

Back to school Back to school

It is the spending par excellence of families in this period of the year. School supplies, books and notes, uniforms, university tuition … a huge amount of expenses that can put the family economy in serious trouble.

extracurricular expenses Extracurricular expenses

As if that were not enough, the rest of the extracurricular activities that families resort to also begin in September: sports, English, music, dance … In all of them, September marks the moment of payment of tuition and disbursement of the first month of class (and in some cases, the payment of all the material). Therefore, September also represents an extraordinary outlay in this item.

Fill the fridge Refill the fridge

After several weeks away from home, in which the refrigerator has been empty, it is time to go back to the supermarket to replace all the fresh food. In fact, these are the products that cost the most by Spanish households on food, representing up to 40% of total spending, according to the annual study by the Aldi Frescoes Observatory.

Ampa school spending The return to the adult routine

Children are not the only ones who resume their activities after the summer; adults also return to their routine, especially after the excesses of the holidays. And this means, in most cases, a new expense that must be met. Without going any further, September is, after January, the time of year when more gym enrollments occur.

Prepare for the cold Prepare for the cold

After the summer, it is time to think cold and adapt your home and the way you dress to the new season. In autumn, in addition, it rains much more regularly, a situation for which you have to be prepared.

Tax payment Paying taxes

In the months of September and October, many municipalities charge the receipt of the Real Estate Tax (IBI), to which must be added the second term of the income statement in November if it has been paid and is divided into two deadlines.

Pay TV subscriptions Television subscriptions

In September some sports competitions begin, especially soccer ones. For this reason, the advertising campaigns of many platforms are especially attractive for lovers of the beautiful game, who end up hiring a television package at this time of year.

How to overcome the September slope?

Despite all the expenses that must be assumed after the summer, there are a series of tips that can be carried out to smooth the September slope.

How to save on going back to school?

It is, without a doubt, the highest expenditure of Spanish families in September. But at the same time, one of the expenses that can be anticipated the most or in which the most can be saved. To save on going back to school, it is important to follow a series of guidelines, such as buying second-hand books or through programs such as Releo, taking advantage of discounts in the autonomous communities or applying for scholarships and public aid, among others.

What expenses to reduce or eliminate in September?

Apart from school expenses, there are another series of superfluous expenses that can be reduced throughout the year, but which in September are especially important.

Mobile fee payment Mobile rate

One of the most important expenses that could be reduced by choosing a cheaper company is the mobile rate. There are more and more mobile rates and more types of customer with different needs. You always have to compare all the rates and companies to find a product that suits your needs and pay less.

TV packages TV packages

As much as you like football, and that television offers attract you especially at this time of year, you should review in detail the existing offers and hire the one that best suits your needs. Many companies require the contracting of several services that, many times, are not necessary.

Gym Gym

The summer has been full of excesses and you probably need to join the gym in September to make up for it. But most likely, those desire will fade within a few weeks of signing up. But why not try running outside first? It is a simple, effective and, above all, free activity.

Go out little to eat Go out little to dinner

It is time to avoid excesses and eat and dine as much as possible at home, after a summer in which, possibly, you have committed more excesses than necessary. Your pocket and your health will thank you.

Definitely, overcome the september slope It is easier than you think if you know how to do it. The important thing is to pay attention to superfluous expenses and avoid large outlays. Thus, your personal finances will not have to suffer in one of the most difficult times of the year for the family economy.

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