How can I operate with my bank if I am abroad?

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Operate with your bank and your accounts from abroad it is getting easier every day. One of the main orientations of banking innovation is precisely to facilitate the transit of people, goods and money from one country to another. And with digital technologies, data and information flows are also faster and more comfortable.

Is it possible to access my bank’s app from abroad? And to the web?

To be able to operate with your bank from the web or app Wherever you are, it is a very useful option when traveling, as it allows you to carry out procedures and keep you informed of everything that happens with your accounts even abroad.

Day-to-day operations with your bank abroad are the same as in Spain. You only need a computer or the app on your mobile or tablet. However, keep in mind that it will ask you, as in Spain, validate operations, and that will require your phone to be connected to the internet or can receive SMS.

Remember that, If you travel within the European Union, calls, messages and data service are subject to the same rates as in your country of residence. That is, you can continue using your phone as if you were at home.

How to validate operations with ING if I am abroad

Validating operations with ING is just as easy as in Spain, but for everything to go smoothly, we recommend that you follow the following guidelines.

Activate mobile validation Activate mobile validation

This way you will avoid having to depend on receiving an SMS abroad. In order to activate mobile validation, open the app ING on your mobile, and, once identified, go to Menu> Personal Area> Mobile validation> Activate. It will ask you for three positions of your password and it will send you an SMS with a number that you must enter. Therefore, it is advisable to do it before traveling. Next, you will have to define your password, which will be the one you use to validate your operations from now on.

Bank app notifications Check that you receive notifications

Make sure you have activated the notification service in the app of ING. If you haven’t, activate it on Menu> Notifications> Device management. In addition, you can configure the ones you want to receive in Menu> Notifications> Configure.

Roaming data If you can, have the roaming active

In this way, you will receive notifications of mobile validation and purchase notifications, and you will be able to detect more quickly if you have lost your wallet and cards. It is also useful to be able to receive SMS, as it is the method used in case mobile validation fails.

It is important that you check with your phone company that you have roaming activated before leaving Spain, as well as the rates that apply in the country you are traveling to. Once you arrive at your destination, you have to activate data roaming in the settings of your mobile.

Activate payment outside europe Activate payment outside Europe for your cards

If you are going to travel outside of Europe and want to continue paying with your card or mobile, you will need to activate the payment outside of Europe. You can do it My Products> Choose the card> Configure> Activate use outside Europe.

Basic safety tips when operating with your bank from abroad

Although operating with your bank from abroad is practically the same as doing it from home, it is convenient to bear in mind some additional security measures during the holidays:

Avoid public networks

Avoid connecting to an insecure public network

As much as possible, you should avoid connecting to public WiFi networks that do not have adequate protection. Both the administrator and other users who are using it could have access to your data.

Connect foreign devices

Be careful when connecting from devices that are not yours

It is best not to connect from untrusted devices (they could contain malware that tracks what you do). In any case, it is always advisable to browse in incognito mode and it is essential to remember to log out once you are done.

What if I lose my card abroad?

In case you lose the card abroad, you must proceed as in Spain. Thanks to the web and the app From ING you can solve this matter anywhere with a connection, even if you are abroad. You can do either of these two actions:

Turn off card while looking for it If you hope to find her again, turn off the card

So no one will be able to do operations with it while you are looking for it. When you find it, you can turn it back on.

card loss or theft If you’ve been robbed or don’t think you can find a card, request a new one

In this way, the old one is automatically blocked.

Both options can be done quickly from the web or app from your bank. In the case of ING, you must access the section of your card at My products and, once there, in Set up You can choose whether to turn it off or notify of its theft or loss.

The app of your bank is one of the best travel companions if you want to operate with your accounts abroad. It makes day-to-day operations possible and gives you opportunities to solve any problems that may arise. If you don’t have it installed yet, remember to do it from the official repositories. (Google Play and the App Store)

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