Half a dozen things you should know if you are going to use your card abroad this vacation

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When planning a trip, doubts arise about how to act at certain times. One of them is to pay abroad. In this sense, cards are an advantageous means of payment, although it is advisable to review these six things you should know if you are going to use your card abroad this vacation.

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Pay foreign card

How to pay with a card abroad

The operation when paying abroad with a card is very similar to what you usually do in Spain: you can pay with your physical card or through your mobile device.

The main difference is that in some countries the payment contactless or chip is not so widespread and still use the magnetic stripe.

Foreign debit card

Can I pay with a debit card abroad?

If possible. However, there may be some cases in which they ask you for a credit card instead of a debit one. For example, it is common when renting a car or doing check-in in a hotel, although it is less and less frequent.

Withdraw money abroad

How to withdraw money abroad

To withdraw money abroad you can go to an ATMAlthough keep in mind that you may have to pay a commission to do so.

Commission for withdrawing money from an ATM abroad

The main commissions that may arise when withdrawing money from an ATM abroad are the following:

  • The one that your bank charges due to the withdrawal of cash at an ATM, which is usually greater when dealing with an operation abroad.
  • If you withdraw an amount of money in a currency other than the euro, there may be commissions for currency exchange.
  • In some cases, the teller’s bank where do you intend to withdraw the money can they charge you an additional commission.

Pay in foreign currency

Pay with a card in another currency: better in euros or in local currency?

The card is an interesting option for pay in foreign currency, both in your purchases on-line in countries with another currency, especially when traveling. Regarding the payment options, you can choose:

  • Pay in local currency. In that case, our bank will make the change, normally at a more favorable exchange rate.
  • Pay in euros at the exchange rate offered to us, which is usually higher.

Credit card insurance

What insurance do credit cards include?

The card insurance they can protect you from what happens to you, such as in case of theft, loss or fraudulent use. This is something that credit and debit cards include.

In addition, it is frequent that, if you pay for your vacation with your credit card, This includes travel insurance that covers things like medical expenses, lost or damaged luggage, or delayed or canceled flights. This is one of the great advantages of using your credit card on vacation.

However, it is important to note that these coverages depend on the card issuing entity and the type of credit card. Therefore, before traveling, it is advisable check the conditions of your card contract.

In ING, this information can be found in the Clients Area> Personal Area> Documentation / Extracts> My Contracts> See contracts. This includes the details of the policy and the number to call to open an incident in case of need.

Lose foreign card

What do I do if I lose my card abroad?

If you think you have lost your card abroad The first thing is to turn it off so that no one can make fraudulent use of it.

Normally, you can turn off your card from app from your bank and then turn it back on if you find it. With ING you just have to go to My Products> Choose the card> Configure> Off or On.

If it is a robbery or you are sure you have lost it You must notify your bank (from the app, your customer area or by phone) so that it can be definitively canceled and they can issue a new one.

In ING you can do it both on the web and the app, well from Personal Area> Block Financial Cards, fine since My Products> Choose the card> Configure> Theft or Loss. In both cases, the request for the new one cancels the old one.

For more peace of mind, the ideal is not to always carry all your cards together. This way you will always have a backup payment method in case of theft or loss.

The use of the card abroad It is very similar to the one you do in Spain, although it is important to take into account some peculiarities, such as the commissions when withdrawing money from ATMs or if you are going to travel to a country with a currency other than the euro.

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